Healthy aging

The gut microbiome and healthy aging

Introduction The human body harbors a complex and dynamic microbial community, which includes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. The gut microbiota is often referred to as the “forgotten organ” because of its essential roles in maintaining health through multiple physiological processes including food digestion and metabolism, immune function, as well as production of vitamins. Although…

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What are psychobiotics?

Introduction Psychobiotics are the new frontier in mental health care. They are a type of probiotic that treats and prevents mental illness by altering the gut microbiome. Researchers have found that psychobiotics can help treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There is also early research suggesting that these microbes…


Why are psychobiotics a great Christmas gift?

Introduction Psychobiotics are a type of probiotic that can benefit your mind, as well as your gut. They have been shown to boost mood and improve mental health. It’s no surprise that psychobiotics, which help to alter the gut microbiome (the community of microbes living in your intestines) in a way that influences the brain…