Harmony from within

Science-based probiotics for mental health

Integral Biotics® – created for people who want to improve their mental health and cognitive performance

Let us introduce you to… EasyMind™

If you want to…

  • improve your cognitive performance
  • boost productivity and good mood
  • ease your digestive problems
  • enhance immune system
Live bacteria naturally found in a healthy gut microbiome 
Clinically researched and patented strains 
Easy to take, only 1 capsule a day
Completely safe 

Cognitive functions: memory, concentration, attention

Immune health, digestion, metabolic processes

Well-being, good mood and productivity

Trusted by scientists

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We believe everyone has the right to a better life

We’ve created Integral Biotics as a way to help people take control of their mental health and improve their quality of life.

Our probiotics are science-based and formulated with the latest research on how the human microbiome affects mood, cognition, and immunity. We’re here to help you achieve optimal mental health by optimizing your microbiome-gut-brain axis.

Mental health problems can have a devastating impact on individuals and families alike—but they don’t have to be permanent or progressive. With Integral Biotics, you can improve your emotional well-being, cognitive performance, immune health, digestion… and more!

We provide top quality healthcare.

A key component of a healthy lifestyle is keeping your gut healthy, as the microbiome-gut-brain axis is closely linked to mental health. By modulating the microbiome-gut-brain axis, Integral Biotics can help you achieve optimal cognitive performance, as well as improve your emotional state and immune system.

It’s no secret that stress is bad for us. Stress affects our ability to think clearly and make decisions, which in turn can lead to poor eating habits and low energy levels. That’s why Integral Biotics was created—to help you manage the stress in your life by improving your cognitive functions and overall wellbeing.

What do our clients say?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress? Are you experiencing mental health problems? Are you looking for a way to improve your cognitive performance? If so, Integral Biotics may be right for you!

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